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Wake Forest University

My interests, values, and beliefs blossomed during my time at Wake Forest University. Not only was I able to dive deep into fascinating subjects on the road to a BA in Economics, but the school presented myriad opportunities to flex my personality outside the classroom.



Founded and captained the first-ever Wake Forest Women's Rugby team. It was an honor to build, from the ground up, a competitive club sport to represent the black and gold. At the time, I wanted an outlet outside of the classroom to channel my competitiveness, but looking back I know that the experience taught me much about leadership, collaboration, project positioning, and follow-through. This proved to be a crucial step toward preparing me for the workplace.


Commitment to Excellence

Due to the difficulty of Wake's academics, I knew that time management, diligence, dedication, and sacrifice would be key to my success. Over four years, I received only one B en route to a 3.98 GPA. For me, this is not a number for a transcript. It is a welcomed reminder of the commitment it takes to achieve sustained success.


Commitment to excellence is not just a term, it is a way of living.


Along with Wake's elite athletics and academics, the school is a leader in philanthropy. Students participate in programs ranging from AmeriCorps to a Dance Marathon fundraiser to the annual "Hit the Bricks" run for cancer. I saw an opportunity to add value to Campus Kitchen through a leadership position running a shift of volunteers redistributing prepared food and produce for use by local community agencies. 


Campus Kitchen is a driving force for good in the Winston-Salem community and I was honored to be a part of it.

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