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Community Engagement

"I am a reflection of the community." -Tupac Shakur


We are all a part of the community we live in; the question is what do we do to make that community better? Outreach, volunteering, philanthropy, and community engagement are perfect ways to make a positive impact on the lives around us. 


Here's how I strive to make my community better.



JAXUSA partnership was established 25 years ago to attract world-class corporations to the Northeast Florida region. We have been successful at attracting the likes of GE, Fidelity, Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo, and others.


I invest my talents in this important community effort as a member of the Talent Task Force dedicated to recruiting next generation skills and leaders to our region.

Women's Giving Alliance


A collective giving circle of over 360 members, WGA funds, educates and advocates for women and girls to strengthen our families, communities and future.


As Co-Chair of the Communications team, I am able to apply my professional skills to coordinate both internal and external messaging to help further our mission.

The Polaris Project


At the request of the administration at Jacksonville University, an 81-year-old private institution focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math, I cofounded and chair an inititiative to attract and engage young community leaders on campus.


The goal of this first-ever effort attract under-35 professionals to the university is to create well-educated and highly embassadors to improve the local economy and upgrade undergraduate student career preparation.

Chorus, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra


With some of the First Coast area’s finest voices, Jacksonville Symphony Chorus members come from all walks of life who share the spirit of singing great choral music.


I feel a great sense of camaraderie when performing with fellow Jacksonville colleagues and residents.

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